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Avian Nutrition 

Avian nutrition has only been well researched for approximately 25 to 30 years for most companion species. Most species have a particular dietary niche which makes a general dietary recommendation difficult. Avian practitioners have found though that all birds enjoy variety in their diets both physically and psychologically. With so much information available via the internet it is easy now to research the particular dietary needs with regard to your pet’s species and integrate it into the general dietary recommendations listed here. Remember to always keep your pets environment (including the perches, bars, food and water bowls) clean at all times. It is best to use a fresh dish daily for the soft food component of the diet and make sure to disinfect the water dish weekly (wash thoroughly daily).

Dietary Don’ts:

Reverse Osmosis Water, Chocolate, Coffee, Avocado, Lettuce, Sugar, Fatty Foods.

  1. Remember that variety is the spice of life – especially in food.

  2. Feed fruits and vegetables that are in season. They generally have the highest nutritional value at their natural time of year.

  3. Monitor what actually gets into your bird and experiment with textures to see what your bird prefers.

  4. Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

  5. Do not let soft foods sit more than 4-6 hours in the bowl.

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